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My Way to Success: Through Healing Self-Love

Rita’s journey was an uphill struggle from the start. An only child, influenced by her parents’ strong religious beliefs left Rita believing that was the only way to life and fell into a space where questioning was met with a barrage of opposition.

Facing an unknown illness in her younger years, Rita was flown to the UK for medical diagnosis; she spent many long hours alone and scared in unfamiliar surroundings. Returning home with her diagnosis that she would have to live with for the rest of her life; Rita retreated to a space of loneliness and solitude.

Hard done by, from the actions of others, whether from childhood experiences, feeling a lack of parental love, breakdown of relationships and on the wrong path; Rita luckily stumbled across a variety of holistic therapies. Divine intervention brought Rita to the right path that led to her own healing journey, no longer suffering with illness, listening to her inner guidance, and manifesting the life of her dreams – living with passion and self-love. It wasn’t all easy – but it was worth it.

While reading through, the chapters subtly open your sub conscious mind, body, and soul. There will be shifts and changes within you as you read, a whole new world of enlightenment to see who you really are, face the shadows within, understand your soul contracts and learn what love really is. A process of unfolding another perspective to death, stubbornness or perseverance and guidelines at the crossroads in life. Follow your intuition, dreams, and ambitions; it only takes one small step on your chosen path to reach SUCCESS!

Rita now, not only lives a life filled with success, she helps others to heal and live with passion too through her consultancy and therapy work at Wellbeing Consultancy Malta.


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Local readers can get a signed copy of my book by contacting me directly. Also, they can ask for it at the local bookshops. 



Doris Galea

I truly enjoyed reading, "My Way to Success" by Rita Briffa. I just could not put the book down as I truly empathize with the author, who was bold enough to be an open book with her readers. Her enthusiasm, positivity and optimistic practical advice together with her easy style flow of writing will surely motivate the readers to live in the present moment, listen to their intuitions and live in harmony with their thoughts and feelings to create a good life and to fulfil their dreams.

This personal development book motivates and helps readers to enjoy life to the full. May all women readers enjoy the cherries on the cake! Rita truly explains it all by this metaphor.

Well done Rita. May you be blessed with more success in all spheres of life and thank you for sharing it all with us readers.


Margaret Walker
I would heartily recommend Rita's wonderful book "My Way to Success". It is well-written, every word flowing with her passion and enthusiasm. It is filled with inspirational and motivational advice for well-being.


Lyanne Briffa   

When I’m at work during my lunch time I always try to read a few pages of your book as a form of therapy ...and it works wonders! Today I've stumbled on a very interesting quote ...it was about the fact that when you complain you become victim.... Thank you for your wise words they nourish me every time I read ♡


Carol Falzon

I'm really enjoying reading your book, well done Rita Briffa, blessings.  From reading your book, I already feel so much better, thank you so much for sharing your life experience and Reiki.


Rev. Joan Fericy

Written from her heart, Rita shares the struggle growing up with a family who did not believe that she would ever succeed. Through the struggle, Rita has learned that she was in charge of her own life, and what other people said did not matter to the true God-Self within her. She learned that God loved her and would always take care of her and so she made a success of her life by helping others learn the same thing. She is a Reiki-Master, and this is her first book. Rita has learned to love herself and follow her own heart and soul. I'm sure this book will be just like her; a true Success.