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Life is beautiful because it unfolds in so many interesting ways. In my 30s, I reached a stage where I was not content with my life. I felt that I could make it better, healthier and happier. The status quo was suffocating me. I felt  it the right time to seek more answers in my life. I started reading more books on natural medicine, philosophy, spirituality and personal growth. What you focus on will manifest and it did for me!

My sheer curiosity in energy holistic therapies was the spark that unfolded a complete shift and turning point in my life. What started as a personal growth journey unfolded in my mission. My commitment is to continue exploring life, to achieve more personal growth, to help others find their fulfilment by achieving perfect health on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I help people to become healthy and happy to move on to the life of their dreams.

In 1997 I started my training in Reiki with The Reiki Network. That year I achieved my First and Second degrees in Reiki. In 1998 I followed the Reiki 3A course with the Reiki Network. 

Then in 2001 I completed the Foundation Course in Gestalt Psychotherapy at GPTIM. In 2004, I finished a course in Reflexology at the Arran School of Reflexology, Scotland. My calling to Reiki led me to start my Master training in 2002. I graduated Reiki Master in 2004. I started teaching Reiki in 2004 and attained Master Teacher Degree in 2014.

In 2012, I followed a course in Encaustic Art therapy in Limassol, Cyprus. In May 2015, I achieved a Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies at the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Cyprus.


Learning is my lifelong journey and it is fun! During lockdown in 2020 I dedicated my time to increase my healing tools. I followed a Foundation training programme in fibromylgia recovery. And I continued and completed a course on Wellbeing Coaching with the Chrysalis Effect Foundation, UK. 

I am the founder of Healing Hands School of Reiki in Malta. I teach all the levels of Reiki up to Masters’ level. I give treatments in the following therapies: reiki, reflexology, Bach flower remedies and encaustic art therapy.

I successfully coach women who feel burnt out with their family, professional or business responsibility. My Programme 'Women who Succed' is given over a period of 4 weeks either online or at my place. I also offer group coaching for women in groups of 5 or less. .     

With regards to the holistic natural therapies, I meet my clients online or at my place. After the initial consultation, I plan out a programme including different therapies according to their needs. For me, each client is  my next success story.

In 2018 I published my book - My Way to Success - through healing self love. You can find more information by following this link - My Way to Success.  


In 2021 I launched my Success Self love coaching. I am offering both physical and online coaching programmes.

In 2023, I just launched 2 coaching programmes ''Women Who Succeed'' and ''Companies that Care.''