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The purpose of my consultancy!

Passion + Vision = Purpose

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My passion for holistic natural therapies coupled with my vision are the backbone of my purpose of my business.


Holistic herbal remedies give me the security that I am working close to nature getting all the natural benefits of pure healing of mind, heart and body.


My vision is that my clients and students of energy medicine and herbal remedies heal their emotions, their mindsets and blossom into carers and givers from the heart.


The purpose of my business is first to create awareness on natural therapies and secondly to experience the sheer bliss of inner peace, healing mental traumas and discomfort originating from past traumas, belief systems and emotional burdens.


I strongly believe that a healthy mindset and strong emotions boost the natural healing properties of the body. A healthy body, mind and heart is the ultimate joy of living a fulfilled life.