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Karl Attard


My experience with Ms Rita Briffa can be described in two words: Extraordinary Positive.

During the last months, I encountered some extremely tough personal situations. I felt as though life is at an end to me. This left me without courage to continue to live. I was at a point that even my beloved ones were seen as my enemies. My internal joy and self motivation was next to zero.

My wife heard about the healing services that Ms Briffa offers. At first, I thought, that this is another service being offered on the market, I tried it, and I found that Reiki was converting me slowly.  Ms Briffa’s divine powers were started to do miracles on me. She taught me to empower my brain and start looking at the bright side of life and be grateful to all the things that the universe has granted me with.

I started noticing a u-turn in my life. The positive vibe was uncontrollable and pushed me out of my bed and continued all through the day. I started to look at the opportunities rather than challenges. I tackled through myself blocking habits and asking for divine guidance.

Today I allow myself to find 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and sometime before I go to bed to meditate and ask the divine to fulfill me with prosperity, wealth, health, self-development and greatness in all what I presume to do. We are unstoppable human beings just if we keep determined and fully positively believe in our inner strength.

I am still learning to ask and to be open for all my life's projections, but I am confident that with the guidance of Ms Briffa's healing services and Reiki in particular, I will be mastering my vision.

Experiencing all the above mentioned, I greatly recommend Ms Briffa's healing services. Her approach to analyze the client's tough time makes her a master in the therapy.

I bless her and wish her the very best.