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Agnes Bartolo


When I attended one of Rita’s workshops, I knew it in my heart that she could be trusted with my Inner BeingSoul & be a companion in my life’s journey. I was right!! Rita has helped me to raise my consciousness to the Inner Feminine Power & Strength which are very often suppressed by fear, anger & anxiety. Rita is particularly strong in this area & with her combination of knowledge on the subject, her Reiki Mastership & other skills (“which are in her basket”) as she likes to put it...and her personal human experience, she helps her client to see the Light.  

With the support of Rita, I have been able to take a tough decision. She knows when to be tough & when to be gentle with a client....but always sincere & genuine. At the end of every session, Rita always reminds me that she is “only an email away”. This gives me such a sense of security, knowing now that she really means it. She has always replied to my emails & at length too. This gives me the sense that she truly cares & that she is really accompanying me on my journey. May I clarify that this does not mean that she is making me dependant on her; it only means that she is always there when I need to tap into guidance or wisdom.

Rita is a treasure one is honoured to have found. May many other souls be attracted to & supported by Rita’s Light & Love. All of this would not have been possible without a professional whom I consider to be not just my Reiki practitioner but also my coach and mentor. Rita’s gestalt therapy and Reiki are such a powerful mix. My recommendation for anyone who wants to try Reiki is to be bold and open for the beautiful journey to come.