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  WHO IS IT FOR?   I help men and women 35+ who feel unhappy in their relationships and work. These individuals may look good but deep down they feel that they can achieve more. Mainly they will be depressed and heartbroken by life. They are the kind caregivers who get emotionally burnt out from giving love and getting pain in return. They are with the wrong people who manipulate them, who lie to them, who use their finances. These persons are desperately trying to... Read More
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  Bi pjaċir ninfurmakom illi l-Kumpanija BDL ta’ 13, Giorgio Preca Street, San Gwann, SGN 3511 Malta għoġobha tinkludi il-ktieb tiegħi ‘My way to success through healing self love’ fuq il-websajt   www.bdlbooks.com Għaldaqstant kull min irid jixtri l-ktieb issa jista’ jordnah fuq il-websajt tal-BDL permezz ta’ dan il-link https://bdlbooks.com/product/my-way-to-success-through-healing-self-love/ Ta’ min jinnota li BDL... Read More
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Every holistic therapist is motivated by the passion to help people heal mentally and emotionally. Since last June, Wellbeing Consultancy Malta resumed its hands on treatments and teachings with great attention for the wellbeing and safety of both the therapist and the clients or students.   Last Thursday Rita had to take the hard decision to stop treating clients and teaching at her therapy room. In compliance with the updated Government regulations, Rita  is postponing... Read More
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I am


Who am I? Am I just a mind or a heart? Am I just a physical body? Or am I something more?   Do you stop and think who you are?    Whatever your answers, now is the right time to change your mind and direction in life. Life is a series of painful lessons and achievements. It is precisely what makes it interesting and wonderful.   I am what I am. I accept myself as I am. I acknowledge my flaws. I feel lucky with my gifts. This empowers me.... Read More
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