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12th September 2015

RELAX, HEAL AND HAVE FUN! malta, News malta, Rita Briffa Wellbeing Consultancy malta
This is a 4 week package where Rita Briffa, Wellbeing Consultant introduces you to the abundant field of holistic therapies. Rita professionally helps you to relax and have fun; healing body, mind, emotions and helping you tune in to total health and wellbeing.
The package includes:
 Reiki and holistic guidance (talking therapy) 150 minutes
 Reflexology 45 minutes
 Bach flower remedies 60 minutes
 Encaustic Art therapy 60 minutes
 REIKI – with her gentle and soft touch, Rita helps you to relax the body, clears the mind of worries and negative thoughts and reminds you to regain the natural ability to heal and tap into the serenity and blessings of life!
 HOLISTIC GUIDANCE (TALKING THERAPY) – in our busy worlds, few have the time to listen and talk to each other! Through holistic guidance, Rita helps you open up and share your concerns.  
In listening to your pains, Rita will guide you to better solutions. Rita empowers you to view the world and your situations from a different perspective.
 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES – with her professional expertise of the flower and plant essences; 
Rita helps you gently raise your vibrations and heal you at the core level. As a result you will feel energised, calmer, more focused on your life and totally empowered to live the life you deeply desire!
 ENCAUSTIC ART THERAPY – Rita shows you how to become playful like a child again! 
Choosing your favourite colours and playing with the iron quickly reminds you that allowing time to play is healing. When you finish the picture (a glimpse of what your body and mind are going through); Rita helps you to understand the story that lies behind the picture. That will help you solve your life situation from a vantage point of awareness!
 REFLEXOLOGY – the soles of our feet mirror our body (all the systems running in our body). 
Rita helps you to relax sore tired feet. She guides you to better circulation, relief from muscle pains, hip, shoulder, knee pains and softens swollen feet.
RELAX, HEAL AND HAVE FUN – is a vital tool to change your life! These therapies help you to mentally unwind; to emotionally let go of past pains; heals your core DNA, helps you to become physically fit, increases your intuition and awareness; provides you with a feeling of wellbeing building a positive approach to life and experiencing abundance on all levels.
So take control of your life now and register to take advantage of the early bird package!! Now is the time to begin a new chapter in your life!!
You will experience all these benefits and more at €400.
Early bird package to those who book by 30th September 2015 will benefit from a special price of €300 plus a free consultation.