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I am

15th September 2017

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Who am I? Am I just a mind or a heart? Am I just a physical body? Or am I something more?


Do you stop and think who you are? 


Whatever your answers, now is the right time to change your mind and direction in life. Life is a series of painful lessons and achievements. It is precisely what makes it interesting and wonderful.  

I am what I am. I accept myself as I am. I acknowledge my flaws. I feel lucky with my gifts. This empowers me. This makes me happy. The moment I realized why I came here and what I am expected to do changed my life.

Today I am aware that all happened as it was meant to be. My past years fall into place. My life is a collection of relationships, events, illness and fun. Now the jigsaw puzzle makes sense. I blessed away my old memories. I am ready to experience my new adventures.

The moment you leave the past behind you, you are showing the universe that you are ready to create your life. No one of us can change the past. We did our best. We gave it all. It made us stronger. Everything is in constant change.

How much do you love yourself? We cannot love others if we do not love ourselves first. Others will love us when we love ourselves. I love others as much as I love myself. I give to others plenty out of my surplus.

I stick to the ones who believe in me. I run away from those who create drama to entangle me in their bitter anger. I diligently work on myself to become a better version of myself. I forgive others. If I keep constantly thinking of their wrongdoings, I am the one who lives in pain. When I detach from the memory, I set myself free to start again.

I do not need much to be happy. The simple acts of kindness make me happy for no reason. Often a simple smile radiates out my love to others. It has a ripple effect as people smile back at me. It can change their day. Have you smiled or hugged someone today?

It is only my perception of what is that makes me happy. What should be is only an illusion. It does not exist. I do not expect from others as I am sure to be let down. Whatever comes back is a gift and I am happy with it.

I am grateful to the little things in my life. I am a magnet for abundance. I have learnt to see myself differently. I embrace myself and encourage myself. I can build myself as much as I can break myself. The choice is only mine. I choose to be happy and serene. It is my way of transforming what is into something better and healthier.

Will you join me on this fun ride of life? The choice is yours. 

Rita at Wellbeing Consultancy Malta is only a message away on ritabriffa@gmail.com