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Reiki.. Is it for you?

23th October 2015

Reiki.. Is it for you? malta, News malta, Rita Briffa Wellbeing Consultancy malta

Facts and truths you didn’t know about Reiki!


What is Reiki really?


In its own literal explanation, Reiki is a method of healing of Japanese origin, which helps both body and mind. Reiki helps both practitioners and their clients in multiple aspects of their life!


Having said that, clients ask themselves one simple question, is Reiki for me?


Whether you have a medical condition, are battling constantly against anxiety or stress or simply want to regain control over your life, then yes, question answered – Reiki is most definitely for you! Being a natural way of healing, it won’t affect any medication being taking due to any medical conditions.


Okay, so Reiki is for me, but what will I gain by getting treated using this method?


Well, for starters, Reiki is one of the most natural treatments for stress and anxiety as well as helps clients find it easier to sleep. The calm and peace you feel after receiving the treatment is something you can’t image. People tend to feel like they have just woken up from a very long and deep sleep.


Secondly, Reiki helps its practitioners feel more at ease and at peace in their own skin by giving them serenity and a different perspective to life. Reiki practitioners tend to start seeing the positive rather than the negative in different situations, leading to a decrease in stress and anxiety. This also helps in balancing mind and soul on equal levels, making it easier for one to cope with everyday life.


Are you still not sure about Reiki? Read more about the benefits that Reiki brings about as well as client’s own personal thoughts with regards to Reiki!