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Healthy & Happy!

11th November 2015

Healthy & Happy! malta, News malta, Rita Briffa Wellbeing Consultancy malta

What do you think will make you happy and healthy?


Many would think physical strength, money, relationships, career, cars, holidays, jewellery, houses … …


And many would be jealous when they see colleagues, relatives, friends succeeding in attracting the right things at the right time!


The biggest mistake is when we believe that competing with others and achieving what they have will make you happy!


The secret of happy abundance is CREATING the things we need in our life! By thinking, believing, desiring, deeply wishing, creating and working on our goals; we attract the things we wish to see in our lives. FOCUSING ON YOUR DREAMS is the clue to health and happiness! We have the power to create what we want!!


So thinking is the first step to get our needs and desires in motion. It is so important to be careful to words and thoughts we use in our everyday thinking.


On the other hand, when we live thinking we lack things or love; we really lack them and they keep escaping from us or worse we will attract all the things we try to run away from!!


Living in a space where we feel trapped, angry, sick, poor, victim and jealous will only mirror the same in our life.


The SECRET of changing all this – start thinking and believing that you have what you need in your life; find and appreciate and be grateful to the good things you have in your life; we start to ATTRACT good things in our lives!