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29th April 2020

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29th April will always be imprinted in my mind body and soul.

29th April 1988 was my first graduation day. At 24 years old I was full of imagination and buzzing with potential energy.

29th April 2011 was my last day at the corporate world. After 30 years of a successful career, I wanted something more meaningful in life.

I took the leap of faith – I resigned and followed my heart.

I set up Wellbeing Consultancy Malta and soon after my Healing Hands School of Reiki. It took a lot of innumerable hours, persistent thinking and pushing forward. It was never easy but it was worth every effort.

Writing was always my passion. It is healing for me to write and inspire and empower others. This is the scope of my book ‘My way to success through healing self love’.

And now Wellbeing Consultancy is even going online. Rita is now giving inspiring talks and even one to one consultations on Skype and Zoom.

The future of Wellbeing Consultancy – Rita is adding more therapies to her basket and reaching more people through social media, Zoom and Skype.