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BPW Valletta Malta‎ to Post Covid World of Business - Are you making a change!

08th June 2020

BPW Valletta Malta‎ to Post Covid World of Business - Are you making a change! malta, News malta, Rita Briffa Wellbeing Consultancy malta

Join us today, 8th June 2020 at 4.00pm for a talk with Rita Briffa.

'Rita Briffa is a Wellbeing Consultant and author. She works with natural holistic therapies mainly reiki, reflexology, Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, encaustic art therapy and holistic guidance. She is a reiki master teacher and teaches reiki at her Healing Hands School of Reiki. She published her book ‘My way to success through healing self love’ where she inspires, motivates and encourages people to heal body mind and soul by loving themselves, accepting both the light and dark sides of their character, forgiving themselves and embracing themselves.

Currently, Rita Briffa is studying with the Elaine Wilkins at the Chrysalis Effect Health Ltd. Rita is following a foundation course on how to help women with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and ME with natural remedies. On graduating Rita will join a team of health professionals where she will contribute to help these women both locally and online too.

Here is how Rita Briffa introduces her discussion for today:
I plan to talk on how I intend to adapt to the new way of being of service to others.

In our lives we all go through our personal issues, wake up calls, illnesses, traumas and shocks. Like everyone else when the pandemic broke up I was in a state of shock and almost disbelief of what was going on. I spent the first 2 weeks unfocused and my brain was trying to find answers to what? Why? When? Who? I realized that it was draining me mentally and physically.

So I decided to use this time positively. I was aware that people will still need my services and even more to heal their shocks, traumas and to find balance when this is over. So I invested my time by listening to various Webinars and read several articles on natural healing. Then I browsed and found the Chrysalis Effect on LinkedIn.