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13th February 2023

HOW DOES VALENTINE'S DAY APPEAL TO YOU? malta, News malta, Rita Briffa Wellbeing Consultancy malta


How does this publicity on Valentine’s Day affect you? Do you allow it to impress you? Or does it give you food for thought?


As for me, it reminds me that:


  • I need to check how much I love myself unconditionally?
  • How am I showing the same love for myself to others?


Self love is a major step in healing thoughts, feelings and physical body. Do you know how to love yourself? Do you want to love yourself more? Does saying ''no'' when others press you for a ''yes'' make you uncomfortable?


If you are tired of pleasing others to keep peace, at the expense of your mental, emotional and physical health; isn’t it time to give something to yourself?


Would you benefit from receiving coaching to learn how to love yourself, find your passion in life, focus and create the life that you crave for? And healing your mind, heart and body by listening to your gut feeling?


I am here to help you find the way. Either call me on (356) 79618249 or email ritabriffa@gmail.com