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Holistic Guidance

02th May 2016

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We live busy lives where personal interactions have been dramatically reduced. Few have time to listen to others. This is affecting both young and old. It is increasing stress and causing several medical conditions such as asthma, depression, together with terminal illnesses such as cancers.

Holistic guidance, or talking therapy, helps the person to see his problems from a different point of view. It allows the person to break free from bonds, belief systems and patterns that do not serve his purpose any more. He would be able to keep the lesson from these experiences but remains happy and serene. Closing such circles lets him free to continue with his life in a serene and fulfilling way!

 How is the session carried out?

The client is welcomed in a haven of peace and tranquility. Privacy is guaranteed! This helps client to feel safe to speak out and share feelings and events that are disturbing his peace of mind, security, causing heart breaks and creating dis-ease in his life! During the session the client is encouraged to speak out and let go of emotional pain. The main source of every illness and dis-ease is at the emotional and mental levels. It is by getting in touch with these deep hidden memories of past physical, emotional and mental ‘injuries’ that we remember the cause of our dis-ease. This is exactly what is stopping us from attaining good health, serenity and happiness!

What happens after the session?

Sessions give clients a feel good factor, a sense of empowerment, a joy of discovering their own power and potential to deal with life’s situations. I always get remarkable feedback – miracles in the making!!

So book your session today, do not procrastinate any longer and start living the life of your dreams!