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This is a 4 week package where Rita Briffa, Wellbeing Consultant introduces you to the abundant field of holistic therapies. Rita professionally helps you to relax and have fun; healing body, mind, emotions and helping you tune in to total health and wellbeing.   The package includes:    Reiki and holistic guidance (talking therapy) 150 minutes    Reflexology 45 minutes    Bach flower remedies 60 minutes  ... Read More
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Reiki.. Is it for you?


Facts and truths you didn’t know about Reiki!   What is Reiki really?   In its own literal explanation, Reiki is a method of healing of Japanese origin, which helps both body and mind. Reiki helps both practitioners and their clients in multiple aspects of their life!   Having said that, clients ask themselves one simple question, is Reiki for me?   Whether you have a medical condition, are battling constantly against anxiety... Read More
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Healthy & Happy!


What do you think will make you happy and healthy?   Many would think physical strength, money, relationships, career, cars, holidays, jewellery, houses … …   And many would be jealous when they see colleagues, relatives, friends succeeding in attracting the right things at the right time!   The biggest mistake is when we believe that competing with others and achieving what they have will make you happy!   The secret... Read More
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Happy Easter


http://www.postermywall.com/index.php/poster/view/66176d56d432efce67dccf5ac8ab5cd2 Easter and Spring are time for renewals. Take the opportunity of shedding the old thought systems that are making you un - well by getting help from holistic natural therapies. Wellbeing Consultancy Malta and Healing Hands School of Reiki offer you the solution. Call Rita on 79618249 or email at ritabriffa@gmail.com      Read More

Holistic Guidance


We live busy lives where personal interactions have been dramatically reduced. Few have time to listen to others. This is affecting both young and old. It is increasing stress and causing several medical conditions such as asthma, depression, together with terminal illnesses such as cancers. Holistic guidance, or talking therapy, helps the person to see his problems from a different point of view. It allows the person to break free from bonds, belief systems and patterns that do not... Read More
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ENCAUSTIC ART THERAPY WORKSHOPS   At Wellbeing Consultancy Malta, Rita Briffa will be facilitating Encaustic Art Therapy Workshops. These workshops will be monthly support groups. They are open to everyone. You do not need to know how to draw. You only need to have the curiosity to play with colours. Rita will help you express yourself with colours and then she will assist you to find the meaning behind the pictures. You will take your pictures home with you and either... Read More

Reiki on Total Wellness Club


With pleasure I am adding my article on Reiki that was published on the website of Total Wellness Club https://totalwellness.club/what-is-reiki/    Read More

What is Reflexology?


I invite you to read my latest article on Reflexology that was published by Total Wellness Club.  Summer is the perfect time to pamper your feet after the long months of winter shoes. Also Reflexology is both a relaxing and healing therapy. https://totalwellness.club/ancient-healing-art-reflexology/ When you read through the benefits of reflexology you may decide to give it a try and book a session at Wellbeing Consultancy Malta. Call now on 79618249.... Read More

I am


Who am I? Am I just a mind or a heart? Am I just a physical body? Or am I something more?   Do you stop and think who you are?    Whatever your answers, now is the right time to change your mind and direction in life. Life is a series of painful lessons and achievements. It is precisely what makes it interesting and wonderful.   I am what I am. I accept myself as I am. I acknowledge my flaws. I feel lucky with my gifts. This empowers me.... Read More
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29th April will always be imprinted in my mind body and soul. 29th April 1988 was my first graduation day. At 24 years old I was full of imagination and buzzing with potential energy. 29th April 2011 was my last day at the corporate world. After 30 years of a successful career, I wanted something more meaningful in life. I took the leap of faith – I resigned and followed my heart. I set up Wellbeing Consultancy Malta and soon after my Healing Hands School of Reiki.... Read More
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