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Encaustic Art Colour Therapy

I like to introduce you to the world of Encaustic Art simply because I am absolutely fascinated by this technique. From the moment I was introduced to it few years back, I immediately loved it as I was able to create impressive pictures I never managed with any other technique. This technique is not only a great art tool, it is also an optimal tool for therapeutic use, as it is highly relaxing and brings you in no time into the moment now. It is also a wonderful tool to learning about yourself, like behaviour patterns, limiting beliefs and hidden aspects of your being that might help you understand yourself better. When you allow yourself to flow with the movement you will experience something magical and you may learn something new about yourself when looking to the pictures you create as they begin talking to you.
When I introduce persons to the Encaustic iron, glossy paper and colored wax blocks everyone becomes a child again. At first they feel confined and rigid but very soon I hear giggles of joy and fun. And when they spot the pictures they are instantly creating; they get so excited to interpret them. There are many pictures in the same paper as it is purely an interpretation of what they feel now painted in front of them. There is so much meaning in the chosen colours and pictures created from that subconscious part of us. And the messages are loud and clear! In taking the messages from the subconscious mind; it is so nurturing to implement them in the daily life!
Encaustic art is an excellent medium to create personal cards for every occasion, bookmarks, pictures, CD covers and the list is endless as your imagination … The fluidity of the encaustic medium is challenging, exhilarating, inspiring and exciting, making a painting that can be looked into as well as looked at. The layered luminosity is appealingly tactile, encouraging viewers to stoke and caress the surface, discovering the sensual experience of encaustic.
In the end of the session everyone is so happy and really impressed with the artist they discovered in them. And they take away the pictures with pride and frame them too!
The simplest form is working with the special Encaustic iron on special non absorbing paper. You can create from the first movements wonderful images just experimenting with color and movement.
Working with heated wax creates paintings with unmistakable and special effects in light, depth and creative expression. Another special feature is that it immediately dries but can be re-heated and changed without wasting anything.
As it is such a different way of working with colour and movement it is also a perfect tool to use for changing perception of what a perfect picture is or how “art” shall look like. Specially the technique with the encaustic iron where the wax is heated on the iron and then applied on the paper allows total freedom of expression and invites you to create without intention. You cannot get more personal in the expression in art. 
Whatever you create, you can use either by framing the pictures or finishing them as greetings cards, made in the favourite colours of your friends and sending so a message to them, showing how special they are to you as you created it from your heart.
Adults may spend some hours at my studio playing with colours! They will get the benefit of creating their own pictures whilst relaxing their minds. I will assist them to interpret the picture and access their emotions expressed through the picture. So whilst playing with colours, they can then use this art both as recreation and self development tool.
I also give individual workshop to children from 8 years upwards. A parent may wish to assist his/her son/daughter to play with colours! Children love to create pictures! After the session I will ask both children and parents their own interpretation of the picture. And then I will give them my interpretation too! This will help them bond together and have fun at the same time!
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