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Emotional healing with herbal remedies




One of my most treasured remedies has to be Bach flower remedies. Bach (pronounced 'batch') flower remedies offer healing on so many levels and calm unwanted negative emotions. Subsequently, this allows the body to heal from its state of dis-ease. I am passionate about natural remedies. Along with my other therapies, I offer a solution to those looking to live their life in a positive emotional state.


After achieving a Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies at the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine, Cyprus, I have aimed to educate people about the vibrational energy of these beautiful flower essences – especially those facing difficult emotional periods in their life. At Wellbeing Consultancy Malta, I look beyond the physical and work with a holistic approach to balance the body, mind and soul.




The history of Bach flower remedies begins with British Doctor Edward Bach. He studied medicine in Birmingham before becoming House Surgeon at London's University College Hospital. He also worked in Harley Street at a private practice. Dr Bach was determined to heal himself after suffering a haemorrhage due to a tumour and diagnosed with only months to live. He went on to fully recover and accept a post at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.


Dr Edward Bach believed in treating the patient, not the disease. He had long recognised that the same treatment did not always work to cure each patient's same condition. During his meeting with the founder of homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann, Dr Bach realised that they shared the same ideology. Determined to find gentle but effective remedies on the body, Bach went on to dedicate his life to nature, uncovering the healing properties of flowers, shrubs and trees. Specifically, the effects they had on our emotional state of mind. In 1930, the renowned bacteriologist began tapping into plant and flower vibrational energies, leading him to devise 38 individual Bach flower essence remedies based on people's type groups.


When broken down, these type groups include personality, emotions, and attitudes. When unbalanced, they cause the person to fall into a state of dis-ease. Energetically – the remedies help the patient regain a state of equilibrium, successively boosting healing capabilities and restoring homeostasis.


Dr Bach created 38 specific preparations to restore the balance between mind and body, therefore alleviating dis-ease in the body. These solutions treat the body and mind holistically, recommended to remove unwanted emotional states, including:


  • Anger

  • Fear

  • Mental tiredness

  • Physical weakness

  • Irritability

  • Nostalgia

  • Emotional heartbreak

  • Solitude and loneliness

  • Insomnia

  • Emotional and mental anxiety

  • Uncertainty and indecisiveness

  • Over-sensitivity

  • Shock


The remedies – based upon the flower's vibrational energy are similar to homeopathic remedies where very little of the actual plant material remains in the preparation. The vibration of the flower is transferred to water and preserved by adding brandy.  




The flower remedies are precise. Every one of the 38 original Bach flower remedies corresponds to a particular mental or negative emotional state. Once the treatments do their work and peace reinstated, the mind becomes happier. And this is when healing begins to occur throughout the body.


It is essential to understand each flower essence's properties to treat each specific undesirable emotional state. A full understanding of each flower's benefits and which specific emotion they can assist with is vital. Engaging a knowledgeable Bach flower therapist is highly recommended.


Bach flower remedies are incredibly effective. The treatment can be repeated or tweaked as the body and mind restore stability, releasing blocked energy flow throughout the body, resolving a particular discomfort. The next preparation goes to work on the subsequent layer until that heals and treatment ceases. The drops are taken once or twice daily, under the tongue for maximum absorption by the body. The remedy prescribed is for a limited number of weeks.


The 38 flower essences each hold a specific property and harmonise with the particular emotion. A trained consultant will answer which bach flower remedy to use. The mixtures are very safe to use, and as the dosage blends in water – easy to consume. There are no known side effects. What is important is that you take the specific Bach flower remedy for the particular unwanted emotions, to feel the benefit, and requires an expert therapist to guide you.




Every session begins with a consultation to establish the region of the patient's discomfort tapping into the personality, emotional, and mental states that need the healing attributes of specific remedies. During the initial consultation, I will assess the areas where the person is feeling blocked or traumatised. I will then select the remedies explicitly based on the patients' needs to match the correct treatment to the discomfort that the client is experiencing. The Bach flower remedy blend usually holds between three-five different remedies.


Assessing the individual, I explain my choice of remedies to give them the responsibility for their healing programme, depending on the person, and if I feel that this is appropriate to do so. Usually, the prescription serves the patient for approximately four weeks. In the next session, I will evaluate the client's space. I may prescribe different remedies or keep the identical prescription, subject to the changes registered during this period.


It is essential to state that remedies are very gentle and yet powerful on our emotions simultaneously. So, Bach flower remedies for emotional healing may take a quick pace, depending on the individual's attitude.


Bach flower remedies are taken for a specific time and terminated once they find their inner emotional balance. The Bach flower remedies are safe for everyone, including pregnant women, children, pets and plants too!


Bach flower remedies for animals can include treating issues like panic when visiting the vet, for example. Rock Rose can calm them, or you may give a rescue dog who has suffered trauma and shock, Star of Bethlehem, to release the trauma and enjoy his new life. A couple of drops in their drinking water can have a miraculous effect.


Every client is a unique individual with specific attitudes, mental patterns and emotional traits. Symptoms and healing are unique to every person; therefore, I tailor a programme specifically on every person's personality and awareness. I am committed on this path of holistic healing and find my satisfaction in following my clients to a state of empowerment.


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In view of the present circumstaces, Rita has extended her services by providing courier services of her Bach flower remedies. Those who opt to get the remedies on their doorstep, Rita is offering to send them by courier the next day. 


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