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Bach Flower Remedies

In 1930 Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned bacteriologist started tapping into the healing powers of plants and flowers.  His homeopathic intuition led him to the discovery of 38 remedies based on personality, emotions and attitudes that lead the person to a state of dis-ease. It is the plant’s and flower’s signatures that help the patient to regain a state of balance and boosts his healing capabilities restoring homeostasis.
Every session starts with a consultation to establish the node of the discomfort in the patient tapping into the personality, emotional and mental states that need the healing attributes of specific remedies. 
Then the therapist selects the remedies specifically on the needs of the patients. Depending on the individual, I explain my choice of remedies so as to give them the responsibility of their healing programme.
Normally the prescription serves the patient for around four weeks. In the next session the therapist assesses the space of the client and may prescribe different remedies or keep the same prescription depending on the developments registered during this period.
It is important to state that remedies are very gentle and powerful at the same time. So healing may take a quick pace depending on the attitude of the individual.
And a final remark remedies are taken for a specific period of time and can be terminated once the person finds his inner emotional balance. And the remedies are safe for everyone including pregnant women, children, pets and plants too!
Every client is a unique individual with specific attitudes, mental patterns and emotional traits. Symptoms and healing are unique to every person. So I tailor a programme specifically on every person’s personality and awareness. I am committed on this path of holistic healing and find my satisfaction in following my clients to a state of empowerment.
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