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Holistic Guidance

Holistic guidance, or talking therapy, helps the person to see his situation from another position.  
Talking therapy assists the person to detach from his problems. Such objectivity gets the person more focused and aligned with life. The result is that the person feels more complete which starts a new beginning of healing, growth and new awareness.
Talking therapy allows the person to break free from bonds that do not serve his purpose any longer. He keeps the lesson from these experiences and remains happy and serene. Closing circles sets him free from outdated patterns. It gives him the opportunity to follow his path into new areas that give him more achievement! This brings about healing on the mental, emotional and ultimately on the physical level too!
The Consultant sees beyond the symptoms. Symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg. The main source of every illness and dis-ease is at the emotional and mental levels. Here we hold so many memories that keep us stuck in our patterns. In getting in touch with these deep hidden memories 
of past physical, mental and emotional ‘injuries’; we remember the cause of our dis-ease. Then we get a clear indication to what is stopping us from attaining good health, serenity and happiness! When we face these fears, we get new lessons and experiences. This heals us at the DNA level which is the first step to perfect balance and health on all levels!
A holistic guidance treatment lasts around an hour and is completed in a safe private environment. The Consultant starts an informal conversation with the patient where she asks what is bothering him at the moment. And what he is seeking from the treatment. Rita is open to answer any questions about the treatment.
During the session, clients cleanse their body and mind from outdated patterns and belief systems. Rita helps clients to build new healthy habits that will automatically replace old outdated ones! After the session, the body will be able to regain balance and gives the person a sense of calmness and tranquility whilst it strengthens his immune system to protect him from both physical and emotional illness.
Clients are also given visualization tips, breathing exercises and colour meditations to complement the healing. They are also encouraged to get into internal monologues and keeping a journal to assist them to remember particular outstanding events and messages that they may get from synchronicities and dreams. Guided meditations are sometimes needed to release stress, cut emotional cords, boost self confidence and health; help with addictions and habits and to manifest goals and dreams.
Holistic guidance restores that happiness and good health!
 Holistic guidance helps you overcome stress and anxiety at work, in relationships, at home. 
 Holistic guidance helps you break free from vicious addictions, victim behavior, bullying and controlling situations. Talking therapy restores inner peace and good health!
 Talking therapy finds out the causes of stress and anxiety. 
 Holistic guidance brings back trust in relationships. 
 Elevated energy vibrations are the first step to change things as the dynamics would be healing at a deeper level.
 It encourages a person to build healthy boundaries, increase self esteem, boosts self confidence. 
 It stops you from being the victim, feeling guilty, self pity and instead the person increases his energy levels and builds more stamina to live life to the full.
 Freedom from these tight struggles is what makes holistic guidance such an intense and interesting tool for personal growth!
Holistic guidance empowers you when you realise that:
 To do so many things that you had never dreamt you are able to do before!
 That you are able to do things far beyond your imagination!
 That you can excitedly follow your dreams in freedom!
 That you can visualise your goals taking shape!
 That it is this deep desire that attracts them in your life!
 So dream big, laugh often and reach for the stars!
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