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Talks on Wellbeing

Rita offers talks on wellbeing to companies, corporations and other professionally oriented bodies.
Companies invest in an impressive building, the latest state of the art machinery, distinguished uniforms, striking logos, expensive advertising, pleasant customer care service and other logistics necessary to run the company and make profits. But this is meaningless if it is not supported by a healthy, energetic workforce that can meet deadlines or deliver services diligently and promptly. A happy workforce is a healthy workforce. The ultimate aim of organizations and companies is that their workers are happy, that they can handle stress and keep working under all circumstances. Companies who value their human resources proudly work on the wellbeing of their workers.
Rita has over 30 years experience in the corporate world that started from the lower grades to managerial level. She knows how it feels to be stressed at work. Employees from the top levels to the lower grades experience stress. Apart from injuries at work, stress counts for the major slowing down of work resulting in absence from work and demotivation. Rita gives talks to Company’s staff from managers to workers, on their wellbeing. She will capably guide employees to find passion in their work that helps reduce stress. Rita has vast experience in treating stress with her clients. She creates awareness on holistic therapies that  are both proactive and preserve wellbeing and good health. Rita delivers talks and guidelines on how to cope and eliminate stress in the workplace. She explains that stress is the main factor of many health conditions.
Contact Rita and together she will tailor the talks according to the needs of your Company.